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Join our circle and start taking action today. Your annual donation will contribute directly towards projects inspiring change on a variety of global issues.

Have you ever wondered how much you really give to charitable causes every year? Do you know how much is tax-deductible? Walk the Talk allows you to manage and understand better your yearly giving through one single vehicle, and to make 100% donations with no added fee. Join our Donors Circle to:


Become an Expert

There are big challenges in the next 20-30 years and great people tackling them on the ground. We focus on 4 areas of action: Peace & Governance, Environment & Science, Arts & Culture and Reduced Inequalities. We provide you with a 360-degree view of your focus area, introduce you to the best & brightest in their fields and invite you to dedicated events.

Donate now & Choose projects later

We introduce you to interesting impactful projects all year round – you then choose to assign your donation to the one(s) that sparked your interest. Your donation to our Donor-Advised Fund is tax-deductible so can be part of your tax return immediately, but you then have time to assign it. Think of it as your giving account for which we send you a report on donations and their impact.

Join a powerful network

Join a powerful and dynamic ecosystem of philanthropists and changemakers from social enterprises, the arts, finance, tech, multilateral institutions and businesses.


Which donor do you want to be?


Output: £900 & more

  • Bring a +1 to each event
  • Receive a priority invitation to all events
  • Receive a yearly report of your giving and philanthropy focus

Outcome: £1,500 & more

  • All of the advantages of the Output Donor
  • Get invited to a intimate dinner with the speakers after each talk

Impact: £5,000 & more

  • All of the advantages of the Outcome Donor
  • 2 half day sessions with philanthropy experts to define your objectives and assist you in pursuing further your philanthropic objectives (running of a foundation, fundrasising, impact investing...)
  • Get invited to become a Walk The Talk board member