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Donors Circle

Join our circle and start taking action today. Your annual donation will contribute directly towards projects inspiring change on a variety of global issues.

Why join our donors circle

We know that many of you get solicited by countless demands of charitable contributions. What we offer is something different. We introduce you to new and interesting impactful projects all year around – you choose to assign your donation to the one(s) that sparked your interest. We invite you to explore, experiment and be the decision-maker. Whether you want to contribute to a better world but don’t know where to start, or would like to make more meaningful contributions, join our Donors Circle to:


Become an Expert

Already involved in charitable causes? We provide you with a 360-degree view of your focus area, introduce you to the best & brightest in their fields and invite you to dedicated events.


Choose a cause
to give to

Discover a range of innovative solutions to key global issues – choose to give part or all of your annual donation to the project(s) that sparked your interest.


Join a powerful network

As a donor, you will belong to a dynamic ecosystem of philanthropists and changemakers from social enterprises, the arts, finance, tech, multilateral institutions and businesses. 


The Lowdown

There are big challenges in the next 20-30 years and great people tackling them on the ground. We focus on 4 areas of action: Peace & Governance, Environment & Science, Arts & Culture and Reduced Inequalities.

Your annual donation of £900+ will make a real difference. With more substantial ones come perks such as private events with speakers to advisory sessions with philanthropy experts. See full details in our Donors Book.

As a donor, you are the decision-maker: you choose when, what, who to give to. Anytime during the year, you can decide to give any % of your annual donation to any project – we allocate every penny accordingly.

Our skills operate in areas with clear skills and money need

They are run by committed leaders with recognised ability to deliver

They don’t have the exposure they deserve

2018/2019 projects


+ Environment & Science


+ Reduced Inequalities


+ Peace & Governance


+ Arts & Culture