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Preserving our forests

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The Problem

Forests in Africa are being destroyed due to rural farming communities burning land to grow crops, to companies deforesting to cultivate cocoa or palm oil, and to illegal loggers who trade timber.

The reduction in forest land poses threats not only to the environment but also to the livelihoods of inhabitants of countries who depend on these resources most.

The Solution

Natural resources that are preserved can contribute to the development of countries. It is crucial to support building systems of governance that will include communities, so that they can be increasingly involved and participate meaningfully in laws that affect them. ClientEarth’s work is focused on making law work better to protect forests from unsustainable conversion to agricultural commodities, on building strong legal frameworks for community forestry, and ensuring communities benefit from carbon credit schemes for avoided deforestation.

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Community Philanthropy

Take action

will support training 40 community leaders across each country

will help print 30 copies of the "forest green book" a bible with the forest laws of Ghana and Liberia, which are crucial tools for community leaders, and are difficult to access and engage with in these countries.

will support the travel of 1 community leader from a rural area in Liberia to attend a training in the capital

Achieve impact

POVERTY  Thanks to the training programme, the local population can engage with illegal loggers, corporations and the government to defend their right to profit from the resources harvested on their land. 

ENVIRONMENT Communities are encouraged to report illegal activity that don’t benefit the community and have a negative impact on the environment.

GOVERNANCE The long-term impact is more people being encouraged to use the law, thus reinforcing the rule of law in the country, building a strong civil society and encouraging a younger generation to study law.

Donate Skills

  • Do you have any legal contacts in Europe working in the environment sector? ClientEarth’s Forest Programme team is looking for help to understand illegal timber import laws in the following countries: Bulgaria, Finland, Danemark, Slovakia, Estonia, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and Hungary.

  • Do you know investment and finance experts who can advise on projects related to timber and agricultural commodities?
    ClientEarth is looking to understand supply chains and direct investments in those resources.

According to Greenpeace’s Countdown to Extinction report

According to Greenpeace’s Countdown to Extinction report


Yulia Stange


Yulia Stange is Senior Manager of the Forests Programme for ClientEarth, Europe’s leading environmental law NGO. She works with Europe, West Africa, and China where the team works to improve forest governance and address global deforestation.

Why ClientEarth?

“We find ways to protect both forests and the rights of people who depend on them. What’s good for communities is good for forests, habitats, and the climate.” – Yulia Stange

ClientEarth is a non-profit environmental law organisation, founded in 2008, with offices in London, Brussels, Warsaw, Berlin, and Beijing.