Walk The Talk
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About Us

Walk The Talk is a philanthropy circle based in London. We inspire action on global issues through debates, talks, breakfast events and immersive experiences.



“We aim to generate a new philanthropic ecosystem where change makers inspire us to get involved”

In a world of polarised opinions, fierce rhetoric and at times shallow thinking, we felt there had never been a more important time to swim against the tide and to try and deepen our knowledge of the ideas and values we stand by. But how, and to what end? We set up Walk The Talk to sparkle and channel enthusiasm for game-changing initiatives. We believe that by drawing on the power and potential of our skills, and by partnering with inspiring achievers, we can bring about real change. We invite you to join us on that journey!


Our Mission

Philanthropy is about helping others. It can feel very remote. At Walk The Talk we believe that it should not be. In a data-driven society, we also need to connect with real people and be inspired by stories of how change is possible – ultimately to feel part of the change and be changed by our actions. Our mission is to enable you to be the philanthropist you want to be. By providing you with knowledge, access to a network of key people and the tools to give effectively, we believe we can help you achieve the best impact for your charitable endeavours.


HOW we do it

We organise events with prominent speakers who tackle key global issues. They work on the ground at impactful projects designed for communities both small and large, with long-term goals. Our events provide opportunities to learn from but most importantly to meet and engage with game changers in a conversation-friendly setting. We focus on 4 specific areas which we believe hold the keys to our future: Arts & Culture, Environment & Science, Peace & Governance, Reduced Inequalities. We also manage a portfolio of projects and manage grants so that donors have only one point of contact.



Walk The Talk  helps you achieve more with your giving. We introduce you to new and interesting impactful projects all year round – you choose to assign your initial donation to the one(s) that sparked your interest. Through this tax-deductible donation (for UK tax payers), we manage your contributions in the UK and abroad and provide you with yearly report assessing your giving profile. Think of it as a “grant management” portfolio. The Donor Circle is also a fantastic opportunity to exchange and collaborate with like-minded philanthropists.





has a background in publishing. She loves storytelling and enjoys helping turn knowledge into action whilst drawing on a powerful narrative. She manages the donors Circle and events.


has a background in entrepreneurship with experience in and passion for sustainability and impact solutions. She works on programming and developing partnerships. 



Walk The Talk Foundation is a restricted fund under the auspice of KindLink, registered charity #1177210. Individual donations from UK taxpayers are eligible to receive Gift Aid. To donate to or to fundraise for Walk The Talk, you can do so on our here.