Walk The Talk




+ How do I know Walk The Talk chooses the best charities in their field?

Walk The Talk focuses on charities that have a proven track record, that address a specific and under-funded area, that are recommended through peer review by specialists on the area of focus. Due diligence is performed on each charity by our Donor Advised Fund to ensure that those charities meet legal and financial requirements.

+ How does the Donor Advised Fund work?

Our Donor Advised Fund (or DAF) is a fund held within charity Kindlink and allows donors to allocate their donations to the charities of their choice, rather than donating to individual charities.

+ Why not just donate to individual charities directly?

By donating via our DAF with KindLink, you only complete the donating process once, while still benefiting from tax-deduction if you are a UK taxpayer. The Walk The Talk-selected charities you chose to allocate your donation to go through an additional vetting process by registering with KindLink. We are therefore able to pool funds for maximum impact, charities will be notified of individual donations, and you will be provided with an impact report.

+ How is Walk The Talk funded?

As a non-profit foundation and restricted fund, Walk The Talk relies mainly on sponsorship for the running of its operations. If you want to support us, please follow this link!

+ Why 4 areas of focus?

We chose to focus on Arts & Culture, Environment & Science, Peace & Governance and Reduced Inequalities because we believe they hold the keys to a better future.

+ How does the Projects platform work for skill-based donation?

Ongoing projects requiring skill-based help will be listed on the Projects page with a description of levels of commitment and a "Count Me In" button linking to a simple registration form. Once registered, we will be in touch to start accompanying your involvement in the project.

+ How long are projects open for?

Projects are open for as long as the project owner is looking for help.

+ How will I know my involvement made a difference?

Once each project is completed, Walk The Talk will conduct an impact assessment for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

+ I would like to join the giving fund but I am concerned about confidentiality

Walk The Talk treats confidentiality seriously. We adhere to the strictest confidentiality standards when it comes to our donors and their guests records and personal information. If you are concerned about your privacy, please email info@walkthetalk.london