Walk The Talk




+ How does the Donor Advised Fund work?

Our donor-advised fund, or DAF, is a fund held within charity Kindlink and allows donors to allocate their donations to the charities of their choice, rather than donating to individual charities.

+ Why not just donate to individual charities directly?

There are a number of reasons why choosing to allocate your donation to different charitable projects might make sense. You might have more than one cause close to your heart; you might be unsure about which way of doing good will be the more effective, or which charities executing those interventions. You might also consider that some causes act as multipliers on each other. Our DAF allows you to explore the best way for you to make a difference with your donation while providing you with an impact report.

+ How is Walk The Talk funded?

As a non-profit foundation and restricted fund, Walk The Talk relies mainly on sponsorship for the running of its operations. Evening ticketed events only cover part of the organisation costs, and Circle donors contributions go 100% to our portfolio of charitable projects. If you want to support us, please follow this link!

+ Why 4 areas of focus?

We chose to focus on Arts & Culture, Environment & Science, Peace & Governance and Reduced Inequalities because these are the topics our audience is most interested & engaged in, and because we believe they hold the keys to a better future.

+ How many events do you organise a year?

We typically organise 2 events a month, evening talk, breakfast or dinner, except in August.

+ Are all Walk The Talk events free if I am part of the Donors Circle?

Yes, Donors are invited to all breakfast and evening events. They can then choose to attend fundraising events, profits of which go 100% to specific causes.

+ Can I suggest topics and speakers?

Walk The Talk welcomes suggestions of topics and speakers from Circle Donors.

+ How does the Projects platform work for skill-based donation?

Ongoing projects requiring skill-based help will be listed on the Projects page with a description of levels of commitment and a "Count Me In" button linking to a simple registration form. Once registered, we will be in touch to start accompanying your involvement in the project.

+ Do I have to be part of Walk The Talk Circle to participate?

No you don't, everybody can access the projects platform.

+ How long are projects open for?

Projects are open for as long as the project owner is looking for help.

+ How will I know my involvement made a difference?

Once each project is completed, Walk The Talk will conduct an impact assessment for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

+ If I cannot attend anymore, can I get a refund for my ticket?

We cannot propose a refund. However, if you let us know before the event, we can offer you to swap this ticket for another evening event of your choice within 12 months. Please check our full Booking Policy on www.walkthetalk.london/booking-terms-and-conditions

+ I would like to join the Donors circle but I am concerned about confidentiality

Walk The Talk treats confidentiality seriously. As a private circle, we adhere to the strictest confidentiality standards when it comes to our donors and their guests records and personal information. Walk The Talk encourages for attendants to refrain from identifying or describing donors or their guests in the public domain. If you are concerned about your privacy, please email info@walkthetalk.london