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Cleaning the ocean

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The Problem

The most affected by plastic pollution and over fishing are the poorest communities who often live within biodiversity hotspots. Discarded fish nets are a major source of pollution and a hazard to marine life while overfishing causes loss of an entire ecosystem. How do we create a sustainable solution that empowers fishermen and allows them to overcome poverty while preserving the environment?

The Solution

Net-Works has launched programmes in 36 communities in the Philippines and Cameroon and is planning to expand.

  • Establishing a supply chain for discarded fishing nets which are recycled into nylon yarn and for seaweed extracts to provide communities with an added income

  • Community banks are put in place enabling local communities to access financial services.

  • Creating more marine protected areas to replenish fish stock



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Donate Skills

2 hours

Review and provide ideas on Net-Works financial modelling

4 hours

Advice on options for including tech-enabled transparency in supply chain, notably the application of blockchain

1 day

Advice on separate entity to host impact investment model for Net-Works

Donate Money


Community outreach event to set up a new community


Scoping visit to explore replication of Net-Works in new country


Guardhouse for marine protected area to replenish fish stocks that also operates as a seaweed drying platform for coastal enterprises

Make sure to quote "Net-Works"
when making your donation

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