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Supporting artists in response to conflict

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The Problem

More than ever before, we see artists today engaging on issues of migration, security, oppression and the freedom of expression reaching a broad audience. Their insight and perspective is important. How can we support their work in helping us understand culture, conflict and humanity?

Our Take Action session is presented by Michaela Crimmin, the co-founder of Culture+Conflict , a not-for-profit organisation focusing on art produced in, or in response to, conflict and post-conflict situations across the world.

The Solution

  • ADVISORY on strategic growth: building financial stability and general sustainability.

  • ADVISORY on content and media: extending presence and outreach (social media, website), leveraging effective volunteer support and engagement. Making the platform participative.

  • PROJECT SUPPORT help set up a new artists residency in the context of the asylum-seeking process. Connections needed with funding contacts (e.g. Home Office, Human Rights agencies and law firms) and access to a detention centre.

Why Donate

Culture+Conflict needs your help taking the organisation to the next level so that they can reach more people, grow contributors and support more artists in their work on conflict. If you can help with your skills,  click on Count Me In and we will put you in touch with Michaela and her team. Otherwise, do not hesitate to donate.

If you would like to donate, please make sure to quote  "Culture+Conflict" in the "Donation" field.

Project update

1 March. Michaela has received 3 skill based offers to help. We will keep you updated on how these contributions have helped Culture+ Conflict.

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