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A relic of 3 sacred forests of Porto-Novo Kingdom dating from the seventeenth century, the Jardin des Plantes et de la Nature was, before the colonial era, a protected area hosting 630 plants species over 6 hectares. In 1895, under French settlers, this sacred forest was converted into a test garden and agricultural college. The garden then became a place for acclimatising useful and medicinal plants (rubber, cocoa, coffee, nutmeg, camphor, etc.). After the independence of Benin in 1960, the garden area was depleted to
make space for an administrative buildings extension
and, with it, its biodiversity.

The Jardin des Plantes et de la Nature has lost 90% of its biodiversity and could close down
  • The botanical garden has lost 90% of its biodiversity (with only 53 out of the 630 varieties remaining today)

  • It lacks proper care and maintenance

  • Financial difficulties since 2016 mean the garden could be forced to close down

  • The botanical garden is the first initiative in Benin
    to set up a new type of museum and a place to host cultural events

The Solution

  • Roll out new economic activities to ensure the botanical garden can reach independent
    financial sustainability

  • Increase pedagogic visit rates by developing new educational communication
    and information material

  • Drive tourism by improving the garden's infrastructure (cafe, restaurant) and signage

  • Expand the number of technical staff of the garden's team

  • Boost the crop production and sale thereoff


Why Donate

  • Benin is a beautiful but poor country. The literacy rate is among the lowest in the world at 38.4%
  • The garden is a key cultural magnet allowing people of Benin to discover the richness and beauty of their heritage
  • The total amount needed to help this institution to become financially autonomous is €17,000 euros
  • This project has an economic, environmental as well as educational impact

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