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Reduced Inequalities ▼Iraq


The Problem

Refugees and internally displaced people are vulnerable groups. They have often lost confidence in their skills, are handling difficult family and economic situations. 

The Solution

Five One Labs creates an environment to foster a positive spirit, new opportunities and to restore hope enabling aspiring or budding entrepreneurs to achieve their potential. Five One Labs is looking for mentors and experts to help their mentees with their ventures when their programme begins in Autumn 2018.  

Skills needed

  • Project managers, founders or professionals with key experience in an industry or sector.

  • Ability & goodwill to share key business skills to help entrepreneurs grow their skills and knowledge.

  • An understanding of the hurdles and difficulties of operating in a challenging environment.



Patricia Letayf circle.png

Patricia Letayf

Patricia is Co-founder and Director of Operations of Five One Labs. Prior to that, she worked as a Middle East political risk analyst for the Dubai office of consultancy Control Risks. Patricia is passionate about cross-cultural communication and entrepreneurship; she also volunteers as a facilitator for the Soliya Connect Program.

Donate Skills

Experts are called upon if Five One labs’ entrepreneurs need specific assistance. They are part of a network of mentors. Mentors are matched with an entrepreneur for the duration of the three-month programme. They are involved in bi-weekly 1h skype interactions with their mentee. The next cohort will start in Autumn 2018. This requires deeper involvement than the expert assistance. If you are interested to help as an expert or mentor, click on "count me in".

Donate Money

A donation to Five One Labs goes directly to providing entrepreneurs with the training, mentorship and community they need to launch scalable business and restart their lives with dignity. For example, £600 provides a living stipend for a low-income entrepreneur for the duration of the program to pursue his or her startup full-time; £2000+ provides seed funding for high-performing entrepreneurs to launch and operate their start-ups.

+ Donate by Bank Transfer (free)

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+ Donate by Credit Card (2%cc fee)

+ If you are an employee, choose payroll giving

If your employer has a payroll giving scheme, your donation is deducted from gross pay – before tax is deducted. A £1,000 donation will only cost you £800 pounds and if you are a higher rate tax payer, 600£.

Find out if your employer offers payroll giving.

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