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Fostering peace requires addressing all strata of society from grass roots initiatives all the way up to high level diplomacy. Here, we look at the work done by Zimam, a Palestinian organisation part of the bigger movement of One Voice, which unites Israelis and Palestinians towards a solution to end the conflict. 

The Problem

The median age in Palestine is around 19, while the political leaders' average ages is over 70. With little possibility of negotiations on the horizon for the time being, Palestinian youth feel disempowered, ignored, and hopeless. The risk of radicalisation and falling prey to the false promises and mythologies of violence is high, and the opportunities to play an active role in affecting change have hitherto been small.

The Solution

Zimam empowers a new generation with the values of democracy, pluralism, tolerance, non-violence, and acceptance.  Through its 24 chapters across the West Bank and Gaza strip, it trains thousands of young Palestinians in order for them to become opinion and social leaders in their communities. They build campaigns to encourage a strong and resilient Palestinian society and state devoid of extremism. They work in cities, towns, and in periphery communities where political leaders never take the time to visit. They also run programmes for women, sheikhs and imams in mosques and community centres, and work in refugee camps across the West Bank enabling Palestinians to lead, to speak, and to be heard, with the physical and social tools to non-violently progress Palestinian society.




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Samer Makhlouf


In addition to more than 8 years as the Executive Director of OneVoice Palestine, Same has extensive experience in a broad range of non-profit and business organizations in Palestine. Prior to his post with OneVoice, Samer served as the Head of Ramallah’s Al Kasaba Theater & Cinematheque Programs & Development Department. As a member of the Palestinian Council for Young Political Leaders, he has established a wide network of connections with Palestinian politicians, organizations, and institutes.

Donate Skills

Learn more about the region by meeting key players and experiencing the situation through a 5 days trip (October 21-26th) in Israel and Palestine. One Voice has a few places available for Walk The Talk as part of its VIP delegation. You will meet with high-level political leaders, diplomats, security experts, and will have the chance to see the grassroot work in action. See the programme for last year here


Donate Money

Zimam needs additional funding in order to sustain and respond to the demands they receive to open more chapters. Recent events in Israel and Palestine show the urgency of establishing a more resilient and non-violent process.


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